Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Piazza HOF debate

Am I the only one shocked to hear that Mike Piazza might be wearing orange and blue into the Hall of Fame in five years?

He had some great years as a member of the Mets, but given his background and the fact that he owes his entire career to Tommy LaSorda, I never thought for one second that he would go in as a Met instead of a Dodger.

I didn't get to see the press conference, nor have I read anything out of L.A. papers, but the national wire stories I've read indicate that Piazza focused more on his time spent in New York when looking back on his career.

The numbers are close--he hit 209 homers as a Dodger and 220 as a Met. He had six all-star appearances as a Dodger, six as a Met. 674 rbis with L.A., 655 with New York. Five silver slugger awards with the Dodgers, four with the Mets, and one in 1998 when he played for the Dodgers, Mets, and Marlins.

Since all the numbers are this close, I just feel like it should come down to his choice--and I'm just shocked that he would choose New York. Nothing against the Mets, since that's the cap I'm wearing into the Hall of Fame, but as I said before, Piazza owes his career to the man who bleeds Dodger Blue.

I can't name another 62nd round draft pick who made a name for themselves quite like Mike Piazza has.

(by the way, I leave for Europe tomorrow, so hopefully Mr. Clark and Mr. Barrows will hold down the fort while I'm gone. I'll be back June 9 with a greater understanding for Manchester United, Chelsea, and the rest of the futbolers!)


ERnie said...

This question actually entered my mind when I saw he retired. I'd be shocked if he didn't have a Dodger cap on. Not only does he owe his career to Tommy in more than one way. His best season(s) was/were in LA. He won the All-star MVP and should have won the regular season MVP award in '96 (came in second) because Caminiti took 'roids. Came in second again in '97 behind Walker (I think?).

Piazza was the shit though, back in the day. I loved that man. He might be the only person that hates Clemens more than you and I, Travis.

ERnie said...

By the way, have fun in Europe. Don't they have internets over there?

Travis Miller said...

they do but i'm being cheap. i don't want to pay for internet cafes so i'll prob go to the library. I doubt i'll be able to blog about anything significant.

i forgot to mention piazza's MVP results in the post, but yeah, he finished top 10 every year with the dodgers including the two runner-ups you mentioned. his highest with the Mets was a #3 finish.