Thursday, September 17, 2009

NFL Week Two PWA (Picks With Attitude)!

Get it?

I'm playing against Drew Brees in fantasy football this week. I'm MAD!

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Sunday 1 p.m.

Panthers @ Falcons (-6)
- Hey Michael Turner, feel like scoring me more than six fantasy points this week? Thanks.

Vikings (-10) @ Lions
- Hey Vikings, you know what Tony Siragusa says? "It's okay to squash a mosquito with a sledgehammer."

Bengals @ Packers (-9)
- Hey Greg Jennings, keep up the good work. I'm not mad at you.

Texans @ Titans (-7)
- Hey Jeff Fisher, the Texans lost to the Jets last week. Don't make me look like an idiot by not covering a touchdown. Seriously. Matt Schaub is a UVA graduate. That means we don't like him. Of course just by looking at him, I probably wouldn't like him anyway.

Raiders (+3) @ Chiefs
- Hey Roger Goodell, don't you think we would have been fine with just 15 games this week?

Patriots (-4) @ Jets
- This game already has enough attitude, not just leading up to kickoff, but probably throughout the game. These two teams don't need me to butt in. I just wish Rex Ryan would give me a phone call.

Saints (PICK) @ Eagles
- Hey oddsmakers, I can't even get a spread? I left the Eagles' defense on the bench this week. I'm playing against Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. I have Lance Moore and John Carney playing just in case the Saints should put lots of points on the board. This matchup has serious fantasy implications.

Rams @ Redskins (-10)
- Hey Redskins defense/special teams, something tells me I would have had you in over the Eagles anyway this week, so DON'T SCREW UP!

Cardinals @ Jaguars (-3)
- Hey Cardinals, why don't you start playing like the team that made it to the Super Bowl last season? Actually, why don't you wait another week?

Sunday 4 p.m.

Seahawks @ 49ers (+2)
- Which was a better win? Seattle blanking St. Louis or the 49ers winning in Arizona? I'll get this game wrong whichever way I pick, so I'll take the underdog.

Buccaneers @ Bills (-5)
- Hey John Gruden, you're a really good analyst. Tampa's loss, Monday Night Football's win.

Steelers (-3) @ Bears
- Hey Willie Parker. See what I said to Michael Turner above? Same goes to you. 15 points or you're benched next week.

Just joshin'.

Ravens (+3) @ Chargers
- Hey Chargers, play like you did against the Raiders this week and you're in for a major hurtin'.

Browns @ Broncos (-3)
- Hey Kyle Orton, Brandon Stokely won't be able to bail you out every week. Try a little harder in your home debut, will ya?

Sunday 8 (:20) p.m.

Giants (+3) @ Cowboys
- I like my chances with the Giants at least covering. These are two good teams. Only thing that scares me is it's Dallas' home opener.

I'm 0-6 on games from Sunday at 4 p.m. and after, so I can only improve upon that, right?

Monday Night Football (!!!)

Colts (-3) @ Dolphins
- I'm keeping a spreadsheet on all my picks this year - by team, by underdog/favorite, by time, etc...can't wait to see how many times I'm wrong about the Colts covering.


Eric said...

I'm pulling for you in the 4 oclock games Travi!

Travis Miller said...

Changed Arizona/Jacksonville pick. Bill Simmons kindly reminded me it's a West Coast team playing a 1 p.m. game on the East Coast.

Travis Miller said...

And tough news for you with LT.

Eric said...

I had LT out of my lineup earlier in the week. I think I'll be okay.

Eric said...

So how did you do? I don't feel like doing all the math

Travis Miller said...

10-6. But only 11-5 without the spread. Last week I went 7-9 but 13-3 without. Weird. I'll be posting later.

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