Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NFL Week One Reflections

My first pick was incorrect as the Steelers couldn't cover on Thursday, then I went 7-1 to start Sunday, putting myself in prime position for a solid week of picks.

In the final seven games of the weekend, I shot a goose egg. 0-for-7. Gut shot.

Finished 7-9. I'll try to do better next week.

Irony, Humility, and Fantasy Purposes

First, irony. I (jokingly) mentioned potentially trading my No. 4 running back, Jamal Lewis, for Larry Fitzgerald in my fantasy league. Lewis shoved that right back down my throat, scoring nine points against the Vikings. My three other RBs combined to score seven points. Lewis still won't be in my starting lineup next week.

Next, humility. I laughed at the thought of the Chiefs beating a 13-point spread against the Ravens. Baltimore hung on, covering the spread by a point, but I was sweating that game out.

Finally, fantasy purposes. Thank you, Jake Delhomme, for exceeding my expectations. I was half-joking about having a repeat performance of last year's five-interception playoff loss, but the Eagles' defense/special teams scored me 35 points, almost solely responsible for my Week One Fantasy Football victory. Special thanks to Greg Jennings, too, for solidifying the win.

Had Jennings not caught the final touchdown, I would have had to choose between playing Vincent Jackson and Wes Welker on Monday night. And though I would have won with either decision, I contend that if I were on the hot seat to make that decision, something would have backfired and I would have lost.

Final Thoughts

The Bengals had the four points covered before the bizarre Stokely catch to win the game for Denver, so I would have chalked that up in the win column either way, as I previously stated.

The Rams are bad. Very bad.

Mark Sanchez hasn't won my trust yet.

Thanks again, Jake Delhomme.


Eric said...

You've got a very tough fantasy matchup this week coming. Good luck to you

Travis Miller said...

Yeah, I basically need there to be NO OFFENSE at all in the New Orleans/Philadelphia game, or else I'm done.

And I need my running backs to actually do something this week.

Eric said...

So did you pay attention to your fantasy baseball team recently?

Travis Miller said...

I checked it last week and I was losing like 8-1 so I made some quick changes. I just logged in now, shocked to see that I managed to tie and somehow win via the tiebreaker rule.

Unfortunately I think my luck has run out with Sizemore and Morneau going down for the season. Oh well. It was a good, ignored run.