Thursday, December 3, 2009

NFL Week 13 Picks

Thursday 8 p.m.

Jets (-3) @ Bills
- The ratings might be high in New York and New Jersey, but the game is being played in Canada. And nobody else will be watching.

Sunday 1 p.m.

Eagles (-6) @ Falcons
- No Michael Turner, no Matty do the math.

Rams @ Bears (-9)
- Anybody else get the feeling the Rams might accidentally cover?

Lions @ Bengals (-13)
- Is this what happens when the Bengals are healthy (and out of jail)?

Titans (+7) @ Colts
- Cover, not win. Don't be silly.

Broncos (-5) @ Chiefs
- The Chiefs are a respectable 2-2 since dumping Larry Johnson. Let's make it 2-3 so people don't start thinking that's a relevant fact.

Patriots (-4) @ Dolphins
- Ronnie Brown is out for the year, remember?

Raiders @ Steeelers (-15)
- The oddsmakers want you to think the Raiders will cover because Pittsburgh is playing so poorly. Don't fall for it. December game at Heinz Field featuring a California team on the east coast. Not gonna be pretty for Oakland.

Saints (-10) @ Redskins
- New Orleans may take a break this week, but 10 points is still chump change.

Buccaneers @ Panthers (-6)
- Carolina was a tough place to play last year. I almost took Tampa here, but I just don't have it in me.

Texans (+1) @ Jaguars
- Have you figured either of these teams out yet? I haven't.

Sunday 4 p.m.

Chargers (-13) @ Browns
- I'm taking too many favorites again.

Cowboys @ Giants (-2)
- Is Dallas cursed in December? You bet your butt if Tony Romo and company can't beat the Giants.

49ers (+1) @ Seahawks
- How about three touchdowns for Michael Crabtree on Sunday?

Sunday 8 p.m.

Vikings (-4)
@ Cardinals
- Brett Favre is actually going to win the MVP this season.

Monday Night Football

Ravens @ Packers (-3)
- Lambeau in Decembrrrrrrrrrrrr. Get it?

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