Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod Admits to Juicing

In an interview being conducted as we speak by Peter Gammons, Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during the 2001-2003 seasons while with the Texas Rangers.

This is a huge step for baseball to have the best player in the game over the last dozen years to come out and admit to his mistakes. It took integrity, and though he had already lied in the past, it's not like he's the only player to deny taking steroids.

Andy Pettitte got a pass for admitting use. Jason Giambi apologized for...something...and was forgiven. A-Rod deserves the same. I'm electing to believe his admission to only using for three seasons, and I don't think it should permanently taint his career.

There was no punishment set in stone in the 2003 season when he tested positive, and the results were supposed to be anonymous. A lot of different people have answers to give, including the players' union.

Rodriguez will not be subject to punishment, but he'll receive plenty of it when he travels on road games, and who's to say Yankees fans won't give him hell either?

Again, steroids don't help you see the ball or even hit it. That takes skill. Alex Rodriguez is still the best player of this era, and he should not be excluded from the Hall of Fame for it.


Eric said...

Steroids might not help you hit the ball, but it helps you to hit it farther. Just look at Bonds or McGwire. I think that Pete Rose should get into the Hall of Fame before any of the steroid users do.

Travis Miller said...