Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maybe it was Super!

That was one hell of a fourth quarter, no?

The first three quarters sucked for the most part, except for James Harrison's 100-yard interception return for a touchdown as time expired in the first half.

My prediction (27-20) probably would have looked more credible had I NOT included a scoring-by-quarter breakdown in the comments section, because I had Pittsburgh up big, allowing Arizona to score a junk touchdown to put the total points over the 45.5 point line and break hearts of everyone who put money on it.

If I put slightly more thought into it, I would have given Arizona a few more points so they would cover the spread and make Vegas even more money (complying with my "everything is fixed" conspiracy theory). Alas, we get the 27-23 score and Vegas makes a TON of money because everyone had Pittsburgh to cover 6.5 and the under.

Commercials were decent, with Doritos and Bud Light as my winners, but Pepsi got screwed out of lots of positive attention. The MacGruber commercial was actually the second in a set of three which were debuted on NBC the night before. For more info on the snubbing and to see all three, check out this article.


Chris Barrows said...

What about the other Super Bowl..you know what I'm talking about.

Travis Miller said...

You're the only person at that party who thinks you earned that win!

If you want a third party opinion, we can have Clarkie do an entry on how it all went down!