Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chris Crocker is in the house!


Cowboys' cornerback Adam Jones' indefinite suspension, four games minimum, is way too excessive. I understand he had little or no room to screw up with his reinstatement agreement, but if nobody was arrested or injured in the most recent incident, I don't see why this particular off-field infraction merits anything more than a fine or maybe a one-game suspension.

The NFL brass just needs a scapegoat to take a dump on, and since Mike Vick is in prison, Jones is their guy. There was too much backlash when they tried going after T.O. and Chad Johnson for excessive celebrations, so they seem to be picking on Jones. There is an inconsistency in punishment for behavioral issues in the league...just look at the Bengals' roster...or how about Larry Johnson? I bet he doesn't get a four-game suspension, even if he's found guilty in December. For fantasy purposes, I hope he's not found guilty.

Speaking of fantasy purposes, why the hell did the Cowboys trade for Roy the wide receiver Williams? Tony Romo is out for a month, so Brad Johnson is going to be handing the ball off to Marion Barber A LOT for the next four weeks. Even when Romo comes back, this really kills the fantasy value of Jason Witten, T.O., and Patrick Crayton.

Maybe I'm just pissed because I have two of those three on my fantasy team (and Miles Austin). And my fantasy team is already collapsing around me, I can't have T.O. and Witten sharing touches with another pro-bowl wide receiver! I guess it's good that I own Calvin Johnson, too, so he'll be the main squeeze in Detroit now.

Too bad the Lions suck. Go Bills.


Eric said...

Pacman deserves this suspension, he's earned it. C'mon, be realistic here. He knew if he got into one more altercation that the NFL would rain down shit all over him. Travis Henry and Ricky Williams are in the same situation with a much more innocent problem (pot). Ricky, so far, has impressed me with not quitting on his teammates (again) to get high. As for Henry, well... he's about as dumb a moron as is Pacman.

Stop rooting for my teams you fuck stain.

Eric said...

And get Trent Edwards off your fantasy team if you haven't yet. I don't want him to get hurt again.

Travis Miller said...

Isn't Ricky on his 4th try or something like that? and still talks about how tempting it is to get high during the bye week? his leash is a lot looser than Jones'.

Starting Edwards this week. Wish us luck.

Eric said...

He was already suspended for a year which would mean he's on his 4th try, yes. If he were to test positive again he's either suspended indef like Pacman or banned from the game. All that per the NFL's drug program.

His leash is not looser than Pacman's. Ricky's crime are far less a danger to others than Pacman's.

Pacman is a disgusting person and has no business being in the NFL or in the public eye. The only place he belongs is prison.

And don't think for a second that the team bought body guard that Pacman recently fought doesn't have some kind of deal to not report what had happened to the cops from Jerry Jones.

Travis Miller said...

You're in on the conspiracy! PACMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!!

Eric said...

QUIET! We don't like to use that word. We? I meant... umm..