Saturday, May 9, 2009

Best HR Swings in the Game

I created a slideshow on Bleacher Report of the top 10 home run swings in Major League Baseball. Keeping steroids out of the question, here's my list.


Eric said...

I like it! Although, I was hoping it wasn't just active players on the list as I was hoping you'd mention Shawn Green's swing. Griffey is number one without a doubt. Awesome list.

Travis Miller said...

Shawn Green. Don't get me started on him.

Eric said...

Let's get at least one blog up this month!

Travis Miller said...

It's tough. There's nothing down here. The Mets are terrible and I only get to watch them once a week if I'm lucky. The Nationals' broadcast team is worse than John Sterling, Michael Kay, and Suzyn Waldman put together.

I can't find anything to inspire me to blog.

Eric said...

Watching the Mets once a week is lucky? Watching the Mets at all is lucky?! Sorry, had to go there. When does the other half of your team come off the DL anyway?

Well, there's the All-Star game coming up. Manny returns next game for the Dodgers. I'm leading our fantasy league after dominating you 8-1 last week. Roddick beat Hewitt today in a pretty good match. NBA free agency.. oh yea, no one cares about that.

Umm... Oh yea! Fuck everyone who says that Dodgers have it easy and the NL West sucks. If the playoffs started today, the Giants would be the Wild Card team. Not to mention that the NL West is the only division in the league with 3 teams with over 40 wins. So suck it!