Thursday, March 5, 2009

Manny is in, A-Rod and T.O. are out!

Relieving, unfortunate, LAME!

Manny Ramirez Signs With Dodgers

We've been waiting on this one for awhile now. Baseball season would not be allowed to begin without us knowing where Manny would be playing.

It's a little later than I'd like, but now all the players capable of making a huge splash have landed.

A.L. West preview coming later today.

Alex Rodriguez Out Until May

Rodriguez had an MRI on his hip which found a cyst. Surgery is required and preliminary reports have him out for about 10 weeks, though that may change.

This is a huge blow for the Yankees, who needed a quick start from him. They still have the firepower to stay afloat until he comes back, but they lost a lot of their offense from last year, which was already lacking, and Mark Teixeira never gets off to a quick start. He normally does his damage in the summer months and after the All-Star break.

The difference for the Yankees this year is their pitching, but without solid offensive production, they could find themselves in an early hole. A-Rod was solely responsible for a good chunk of the Yankees wins early last season.

It's too bad for A-Rod, because now people will question whether the injury is steroid-related, and whether he'll be injury-riddled now that he's clean. More questions which won't be answered. He won't be able to just shake this off.

A.L. East preview should come early next week.

Terrell Owens Cut By Cowboys

This comes at such a terrible time, mainly because we really won't know if this was a good move or a bad move until the NFL is significantly into the season. Soooo....eight or nine months? Awesome.

I think it's a bad move because T.O. is responsible for half of the 'Boys passing offense. They've got Roy Williams as their big playmaking receiver now, but he has yet to prove himself since jumping to the pros.

Most of the blame can be put on the Lions for being such a bad team, but now the Cowboys have nobody to blame when they miss the playoffs for a second straight year. Heads will roll.

NFC East preview coming in August. Maybe. Eh, probably not.


Eric said...

Manny... Finally...

A-roid will hit up his cousin and get back on the field much sooner.

Ultimately, the Cowboys will be fine without him. The man is a cancer to every NFL team he's been on. He was such a big part of the offense because, if he wasn't, he'd bitch about it. T.O. is tall for a WR with decent speed. He's also got below average hands and continuously drops passes. Only Braylon Edwards can rival him in that category. I hope he retires and good riddence. I don't even wish him on the Dolphins.

Travis Miller said...

What about the Raiders?

Eric said...

The Raiders already tried it with Moss.

Travis Miller said...

Al Davis learns from his mistakes?

Eric said...

Good point, I'm an idiot for even thinking such a thing.

Eric said...

Sooo uhhh. Contrary to above posts, I'm a bit excited about T.O. being on the Bills.

Humble pie doesn't taste all that bad.